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A Society finds collaborations benefiting both employers and you as a consultant.

A Society is a next-generation consulting company within the GIG-economy that provide consultants, at the top of their game, access to the most attractive assignments within Management, IT, technology, R&D and Life Science. We maximise advantages in the ever fluid employment market, for both consultants and clients alike.



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Being self-employed A Society is a great meeting place for me, to network and find potential future assignments. I think it's excellent for all parties with this type of collaboration! A Society’s competence and experience has been integral in finding great matches that have benefited both the employer and me as a consultant.

Adam Ramberg

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Why A Society?

”A Society finds collaborations that benefit both employer and me as a consultant”

Adam Ramberg, Consultant

”Access to the most skilled specialist no matter what part of the world they come from”

Petter Brusling, Saab AB