How does it work?

Our goal is to maximize the benefits found in the expert segment of the flexible labor market for consultants, partners and clients.

Every relationship is unique and must be treated as such. A Society is one company with two missions, one of which is networking with consultants and partners and the other matching assignments and people. Both aspects are equally important in order to get a full and clear picture of the flexible labor market at any given moment.


The way from open assignment to a matching consultant

This is the process that we usually follow when matching an assignment with the right consultant and competence:

•A Society and our client define the requirements and skills needed for the specific assignment.

•The assignment and required competence is published in our network and partners and distributed via e-mail.

•Relevant consultants respond to the contact person in charge of the assignment.

•Simultaneously A Society scans the network, identifying possible matches for the assignment.

•A thorough quality assurance and check is performed in order to meet the customer’s stipulated terms of service.

•When we find a perfect match, we present the consultant to the customer.

•The customer and consultant are fully transparent in the dialogue and simple process that follows, as the start of their journey together.

Passion, Action and Freedom!

We have three core values in the A Society: Passion, Action and Freedom. These values are what we stand for and are crucial in how we act in our daily work.

We are passionate about what we do, and passionate about maximizing every person's ability to perform. Each personal relationship is unique and must be cared for to keep life in the passion.

By providing the right tools and support, we make sure to provide the right conditions for each individual to succeed. Being able to take action and to deliver beyond expectations is the core of our business

We make sure that those who want to be self-employed, consultants or partners can maximize their ability and realize their ambitions as individuals or companies in the industry. We believe that freedom is so powerful that it creates the best solutions. We give our consultants the freedom to succeed!


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