The gathering place for members of the GIG-economy

About the GIG-economy

The employment market is transitioning into to a flexible one, based on temporary gigs. Employers seek flexibility in their commitments, regardless of the form of employment of the work force. Competences may be acquired based on current need. The GIG-economy presents greater freedom of choice and more independence for those equipped with special skills or knowledge.

We are the GIG-economy’s gathering place and meeting point for independent or employed consultants and currently engage 1200 consultants world wide.

We make sure that consultants and clients alike reap the maximum benefits of the GIG-economy. Our task is to find a perfect match between consultant and client, using a simple and fully transparent process and business model. We provide our consultants with a network, a support system and stable financial transactions that are handled by a dedicated contact person.

Being a GIG-economy consultant

Whether you are a member of a consulting company or self-employed, the GIG-based employment market provides plenty of opportunities as well as challenges for those appreciating the flexible lifestyle it entails.

Your work, your choice

Companies across the board are obliged to reevaluate the work environment that they provide in order to gain a good reputation as employer and client. You are provided with an opportunity to deepen and broadening the areas of competence that you are attracted to.

How can I benefit as a customer?

Free competition leads to greater selection, a better match, flexibility and independence. Access to specialists or experts may be hard to find and costly to hire. Consultants in the GIG-economy are often specialists and experts in their field, and often benefit from having acquired knowledge from a variety of assignments and work environments elsewhere.



Make sure you are an attractive workplace for the GIG-economy. That way you will gain a good reputation as employer within the consultants’ community, and attract the most skilled workers.


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