Competence needs

A Society is the consulting company of tomorrow. We offer unique talent and a broad network to identify the right resources at the right time for our clients.

We at A Society are experts in finding unique skills and to quickly understand how they can contribute to the customer’s success. This allows our customers to focus on their core business while we will deliver the right specialists or resources for their projects.


What we offer

A Society helps consultants to act within the flexible labor market, at the same time we increase their possibility to succeed and network. At the same time, customers are sourced based on their needs with the right competence and volume.


Strategic competence

We attach great importance in solving our customers' competence needs of specialists and ensuring that the right person, with the right competence, is in the right place as soon as possible.


Global consultant network

Our global and independent network of experts and specialists is one of our greatest strengths. We build long-term relationships with both customers as well as self-employed small business owners and partners around the world.


Quality assurance

We attach great importance to quality assurance from several aspects such as formal skills, experience, references, personal qualities, security and compliance with the customer's stipulated supplier terms.


Competent interfaces

We are highly knowledgeable in our client’s businesses, technology, processes and practices. Add to that negotiations, frame agreements, legislation and problem solving, we provide a compelling proposition based on our careful selection process and solid quality assurance.


Our ability to deliver is no coincidence.

Through a global and independent consultant network, where competence and trust are core focus, we always choose the right individual or team most suitable for the specific customer assignment or project.

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Why A Society?

”Access to the most skilled specialist no matter what part of the world they come from”

Petter Brusling, Saab AB

”A Society finds collaborations that benefit both employer and me as a consultant”

Adam Ramberg, Consultant